treating ibs symptoms

Understanding and Treating IBS Symptoms with the Guidance of a Gastroenterologist

The widespread gut-brain connection illness known as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can significantly lower quality of life. To improve results and increase patient satisfaction, prompt, evidence-based therapy for IBS patients is essential after diagnosis. About 11% of people worldwide suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), yet only 30% of them seek medical advice from a doctor to manage their symptoms.

Considering all that gastroenterologists have to offer, this is unexpected. The gastrointestinal system is the speciality of gastroenterologists. Gastroenterologists can assist patients in managing their IBS symptoms since the gastrointestinal tract is impacted by IBS.

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How can a Gastroenterologist help with IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which affects millions of people worldwide, can have a substantial negative influence on quality of life. Even though controlling IBS symptoms can be difficult, finding relief and realizing how important it is to see a gastroenterologist can have a big impact on reducing discomfort and enhancing general health. A professional gastroenterologist at Canadian Place Endoscopy in Toronto can help with the following things –

Pain Management

Patients can control this pain with the assistance of gastroenterologists. Patients can control their pain with dietary modifications or prescription drugs. IBS sufferers shouldn’t have to bear the suffering on their own. Speak with a gastroenterologist at a colonoscopy clinic and be open about your discomfort.

Monitoring the type and timing of the pain may also be helpful. While some people only get cramps after consuming specific foods, others experience cramps at random. While some people experience fiery agony, others experience stabbing pain.

Treatment Personalization

Gastroenterologists will know how to assist your bowels return to normal, whether it means changing your diet or prescribing new medicine. For instance, laxatives help a lot of individuals who are constipated. However, speak with your doctor before using these or any other medications.

Keep in mind that a change in your bowel movements calls for a medical assessment at a colonoscopy clinic. It can be an early indicator of colon cancer. If you prefer a more organic approach, you can experiment with a different diet to observe how your body reacts. For instance, consuming dairy products may exacerbate symptoms in persons suffering from diarrhea. They can resolve this by cutting back on or giving up dairy entirely.

Bloating Reduction

You can find out what other meals or lifestyle choices might be causing you to produce gas by consulting a gastroenterologist. A new prescription or a change in diet may assist with this, just like with other symptoms. For those with IBS, new diets are continuously being launched.

The ideal diet for you and your condition can be determined with the assistance of your gastroenterologist. Your gastroenterologist is knowledgeable about your symptoms and how your present diet is affecting them. They can determine what meals make you respond based on this information. You can manage your IBS well if you and your gastroenterologist can identify the foods to which you are sensitive.

Preventive Care

Your gastroenterologists will want to do a colonoscopy as one of the initial tests at Canadian Place Endoscopy clinic. Although this may sound repulsive, it’s crucial. Your gastroenterologist will be able to view your body and determine the true cause of your symptoms with a colonoscopy. They can determine whether you have a more serious ailment from this point on.

This may account for people experiencing severe pain or other symptoms. For instance, ulcerative colitis may be present in people who experience cramps and bleeding in the rectal area. Through a colonoscopy, a gastroenterologist can determine whether you have this type of irritable bowel illness.

Consult a Gastroenterologist to Manage IBS

You don’t have to put up with ongoing discomfort if you have IBS. Proactive measures such as incorporating probiotics, managing stress, and making dietary alterations can aid in the alleviation of symptoms. But one must take into account how important seeing a gastroenterologist is.

These experts offer a route towards efficient and long-lasting comfort by bringing expertise, diagnostic resources, and customized treatment alternatives. Book an appointment at Canadian Place Endoscopy to get proactive in managing IBS.