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Canadian Place Endoscopy clinic offers healthcare services in a welcoming and accessible surrounding. We provide a modern outpatient facility with a spacious waiting area. Our procedure rooms have cutting-edge technology and equipment, along with several consultation rooms, and a comfortable recovery room.
We provide a comprehensive range of procedures covered by the Ministry of Health’s OHIP Fee Schedule, with no additional charges to patients. Colonoscopy clinic Mississauga is dedicated to providing timely diagnostic services and treatments, and we make every effort to schedule appointments within 2-3 weeks. The best doctors for colonoscopy in Mississauga are servicing at our clinic. Contact us to get more information.
colonoscopy clinic Mississauga

Best Colonoscopy Clinic in Mississauga, ON

The fundamental value at our colonoscopy clinic Mississauga is to provide high-quality, timely public screening colonoscopy in a comfortable environment.
Members of the clinic are firm believers in providing the best possible care to their patients and have been active participants in the province’s colon cancer screening initiative programs. The endoscopists who perform the colonoscopies are all the best colonoscopy doctors near me.
Our vision is to eliminate the multiple doctor visits and the long waits for quality services.

Why Choose Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic in Mississauga?

  • Each of our patients is important to us, and Mississauga doctors for colonoscopy work hard to provide them with excellent care.
  • We collect a large number of samples to analyze your problems correctly.
  • We make certain that there is very little waiting.
  • We go through the results with you the day after the procedure and provide copies if your family doctor requires them.
  • We may also check on you after the procedure, treat any findings as required, and discuss short- and long-term solutions for any difficulties discovered.
  • We have an in-house anesthetist that can help us.
  • We have seasoned and some of the best doctors for colonoscopy in Mississauga.

We also conduct gastroscopy procedures. Contact us to get more details on gastroscopy or colonoscopy treatment in Mississauga.


The colonoscopy takes 25 to 45 minutes to complete. The colonoscope will be inserted into the colon on sedation. Your big intestine is where the colonoscope is implanted. The colon lining is then progressively removed to allow for another inspection.

Small tissue growths called polyps that might turn cancerous may be eliminated during the surgery. Small tissue samples (biopsies) may be collected and submitted to the lab to ascertain what illness is present. After the procedure, until your sedation wears off, doctors will watch you in recovery for a few hours.
Although bowel preparation is unpleasant, it is necessary for a precise and secure colonoscopy.

Doctors will advise you on what to do if a colonoscopy is necessary.

A thorough bowel preparation entails:
  • Changing your diet
  • Drinking more water
  • Taking a bowel preparation (a strong laxative)
There are very few complications during or after a colonoscopy. However, the following are some possible dangers of the procedure:

  • Bleeding \infection
  • Gastrointestinal laceration
Following the surgery, fatigue and weakness might result from the anesthesia and bowel preparation.

There may be minimal side effects after a colonoscopy. Typically, they disappear a few hours after the treatment. They consist of: abdominal gas bloating.

Occasionally, if polyps or tissue samples were obtained, you may pass a tiny quantity of blood.
It can take a little longer to feel ready to go if you’ve taken a sedative. It would help if you experienced some pleasant and relaxing side effects from the sedative. For 24 hours after taking the sedative, you should avoid driving, using machinery, drinking alcohol, making significant choices, and signing papers. You will require a companion to drive you home and to stay with you for the next 24 hours until the symptoms have completely subsided. After 24 hours, the majority of people may resume their regular activities. We will deliver the procedure results or any colonoscopy infection treatment Mississauga needs to the doctor who ordered the colonoscopy.

Yes, you can avail colonoscopy treatment in Mississauga; contact us at (416) 626-2100 for procedure details.

Do you have inquiries about the colonoscopy procedure or its use? Do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Endoscopy Clinic at (416) 626-2100.