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The Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic provides medical care in a friendly and convenient setting, making it the best colonoscopy clinic in Toronto. Our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto takes pride in offering a cutting-edge outpatient facility with a roomy waiting area, operation rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery, several consultation rooms, and a relaxing recovery room.

With no additional patient fees, our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto provides a wide range of procedures covered by the OHIP Pricing Schedule of the Ministry of Health. We try to make sure that patients get appointments within 2-3 weeks at our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto. You can expect prompt diagnostic services and treatments. To find Toronto’s top colonoscopy physician locate us online with the phrase colonoscopy clinic near me.

colonoscopy clinic Toronto

Best Colonoscopy Clinic Near Me in Toronto

Our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto’s core values are to deliver high-quality, timely public screening colonoscopies in a relaxed setting.

The clinic’s staff members have engaged in the GTA’s colon cancer screening initiative programs because they firmly believe in giving patients the best treatment possible. The top colonoscopy specialists in my area are all endoscopists available with our best colonoscopy clinic Toronto who do the procedures.

We aim to shorten the waiting periods for high-quality treatments and reduce repeated doctor visits.

Why Choose Us?

  • Every one of our patients is important to us, and the physicians for colonoscopy at our private colonoscopy clinic Toronto work hard to give them the best treatment possible.
  • To properly examine your difficulties, we collect a huge number of samples.
  • We ensure minimum downtime.
  • We review the results with you the day following the operation and give copies if your family doctor requests them.
  • We may also check on you after the treatment, treat any discoveries, and discuss short- and long-term solutions to any problems.


It takes 25 to 45 minutes to perform a colonoscopy. The doctor implants a colonoscope after anesthesia. The colonoscope is inserted into the large intestine. The colon lining is gradually removed to enable a further examination.


Little tissue growths known as polyps that might develop into cancer. They can be removed during the procedure. Small tissue samples (biopsies) may be obtained and sent to the lab to identify the sickness present. Doctors will watch you in recovery for a few hours following the treatment or until your anesthesia wears off.

Though the preparation is uncomfortable, bowel preparation is essential for an accurate and safe colonoscopy. You will receive medical advice on what to do if a colonoscopy is required.


A complete bowel preparation includes:


  • Making dietary changes
  • Increasing water intake

Ingesting a bowel prep (a strong laxative)

A colonoscopy typically results in problems during or after the procedure. The following are some risks that might arise from the surgery, though:


  • Infection from bleeding
  • Laceration of the digestive tract

Fatigue and weakness might follow surgery due to the anesthetic and bowel preparation. The after-effects of a colonoscopy might be mild. They often go away a few hours after the therapy. These include bloating and gas in the abdomen. You could occasionally pass a minor amount of blood if polyps or tissue samples were taken.

If you’ve taken a sedative, feeling ready to go can take a little longer. It would be beneficial if the sedative had some calming and pleasant side effects. It would help if you refrained from operating machinery, driving, drinking alcohol, making important decisions, and signing documents for 24 hours after taking the sedative.


You’ll need a friend to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours or until all the symptoms disappear. Most people can return to their usual activities after 24 hours. We will provide the doctor with the test findings who recommended the colonoscopy or any colonoscopy infection treatment Toronto needs.

You are eligible for colonoscopy treatment at our best colonoscopy clinic in Toronto; call (416) 626-2100 for more information.