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The Canadian Place Endoscopy Clinic provides medical care in a friendly and convenient setting, making it the best colonoscopy clinic in Toronto. Our clinic takes pride in offering a cutting-edge outpatient facility with a roomy waiting area, operation rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery, several consultation rooms, and a relaxing recovery room.

With no additional patient fees, our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto provides colonoscopies and gastroscopies covered by the OHIP Pricing Schedule of the Ministry of Health. We ensure patients are booked within 2-3 weeks. To find Toronto’s top colonoscopy physician locate us online with the phrase Colonoscopy clinic near me.

colonoscopy clinic Toronto


Our Colonoscopy Clinic Toronto’s core values are to deliver high-quality, timely public screening colonoscopies in a relaxed and safe setting.
The clinic’s staff members have engaged in the GTA’s colon cancer screening initiative programs because we strive to provide the best care to our patients.
We aim to shorten the waiting periods for high-quality treatments and reduce repeated doctor visits.

Why Choose Us?

  • Each of our patients is important to us. Our physicians work hard to provide our patients with excellent care.
  • We collect a large number of samples to analyze your problem profoundly.
  • We strive to book our patients within 2 weeks.
  • We review the results with you after the procedure and provide copies to your family doctor.
  • We will also check on you after the procedure, treat any findings as required, and discuss short- and long-term solutions for any difficulties discovered.
  • We have the best doctors for colonoscopy procedures with over 20 years of experience in the heart of Toronto.

CPE conducts gastroscopy procedures.


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The colonoscopy takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. Colonoscopy is a procedure in which a doctor uses a colonoscope or scope to look inside your rectum and colon. The colonoscope will be inserted into the colon; however, you will be sedated. Your big intestine is where the colonoscope is implanted.


Small tissue growths called polyps that might turn cancerous may be eliminated during your procedure. Small tissue samples (biopsies) may be collected and submitted to the lab to ascertain the present condition. After the procedure, doctors will monitor you until your sedation wears off to ensure you are safe before leaving the clinic.

Although bowel preparation is unpleasant, it is necessary for a precise and secure colonoscopy.


Doctors will advise you on what to do before your colonoscopy.


A thorough bowel preparation entails:

  • Changing your diet
  • Drinking more water
  • Taking a bowel preparation (a strong laxative)

Are there any side effects or complications from having a colonoscopy?

There are very few complications during or after a colonoscopy that may occur. Most often are:


  • Bleeding \infection
  • Gastrointestinal laceration

Following the procedure, fatigue and weakness might result from the anesthesia and bowel preparation.

Abdominal gas bloating may follow your colonoscopy and pass in a few hours after the procedure is done.

Occasionally, if polyps or tissue samples were obtained, you may experience minor bleeding.

For 24 hours after your sedation, you should avoid driving, using machinery, drinking alcohol, or making significant decisions. You will require a companion to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours until the symptoms have completely subsided. After 24 hours, the majority of people may resume their regular activities. We will deliver the procedure results to the doctor who ordered your colonoscopy.

Yes, you can avail colonoscopy treatment in Toronto; contact us at (416) 626-2100 for procedure details.


Do you have inquiries about the colonoscopy procedure or its use? Do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Endoscopy Clinic at (416) 626-2100.