Gastroscopy Clinic Toronto

We have a team of CPSO-certified physicians. We provide comfort and convenience to our patients. Our gastroscopy clinic Toronto facilities are incredibly comfortable. The clinic provides post-procedure monitoring as a standard feature, which is done on purpose to improve patient satisfaction.

Usually, there are lengthy wait times for appointments. However, we at our gastroscopy clinic Toronto, ensure that patients will be seen within 2-4 weeks after receiving a referral. We are quite proud of our state-of-the-art, modern outpatient services. Contact us at our gastroscopy clinic Toronto and we’ll be happy to help.

gastroscopy clinic Toronto

Best Gastroscopy Clinic Near Me in Toronto

Canadian Place Endoscopy, an outpatient institution that has swiftly developed a reputation for offering a relaxing and skilled environment for these operations, performs colonoscopies and gastroscopies. Our medical professionals work hard to give you the high-quality care you deserve through direct and honest conversation, accurate diagnosis, and kind treatment.

We at Canadian Place Endoscopy know that having your digestive tract, which includes the colon, esophagus, stomach, and small intestine, screened for cancer or other illnesses or abnormalities, is the last thing you want to worry about.

We provide the most modern, cutting-edge, cozy, and endoscopic diagnoses and treatments. You can also find our doctors, for “gastroscopy doctor near me in Toronto“.

Canadian Place Endoscopy aims to schedule appointments within two weeks.


  • Every one of our patients is important to us, and we work hard to provide them with excellent care.
  • We collect a large number of samples to analyze your problems correctly.
  • We make sure that there is very little waiting.
  • The day following the operation, we go through the results with you and give copies if your family doctor requests them.
  • We may also check on you after the treatment, treat any discoveries, and discuss short- and long-term solutions to any problems that arise.


An endoscope is a long, flexible tube with a camera at the tip that is thinner than most food. It enters the upper digestive tract through the mouth and back of the throat, allowing the doctor to examine the esophagus, stomach, and duodenal linings. The tube will not hinder your breathing. The therapy typically takes 15 minutes from start to end.

You might undergo a Toronto gastroscopy to identify what is causing symptoms such as low iron levels, unexplained bleeding, indigestion, or heartburn that does not go away with medicine or returns (iron deficiency anemia)


Having difficulty eating, losing weight without trying, passing black stool, or having sick blood in your feces. During the examination, your gastroscopy doctor Toronto collects samples (biopsies) from aberrant areas for lab tests.

Gastroscopy treatment in Toronto is a safe operation with minimal serious complications.


While problems are extremely uncommon, the stomach or bowel may perforate. This is especially prevalent if the gastroscopy involves a surgical procedure, such as polyp removal or a biopsy. Bleeding can occur when a blood vessel is accidentally ruptured, or the lining of the digestive system is torn. Severe damage may need further surgery to repair. In exceedingly rare cases, complications from infection or sedation may occur.

You will be kept in the recovery room for a minimum of 12 hours. There will be strict monitoring for bloating, flatulence, and other parameters. Unless otherwise instructed, you can resume your normal diet immediately after surgery.

Sure, you may get gastroscopy treatment Toronto; call (416) 626-2100 for more information.